Floating micro-mirrors utilizing micro-crystals


Research Summary

In our study, magneto-optical oroperties of fish scale guanine crystals were investigated by carrying out the real-time observation of the guanine crystals under magnetic field. It was found that the rotation of biogenic guanine crystals can be controled by the several hundreds of mT fields.

Recent advances in display technology are requiring new materials, devices and methods such as DMD (digital micromirror devices). In this study, we are motivated by the possibilities of biogenic micromirrors as a new display devices.

Static magnetic fields of more than 100 mT exhibited a reversible orientation of the guanine crystal plates in water.Applied incident light was scattered by the crystal plates in water, and the intensities and directions of the light scattering were quickly controlled by the magnetic orientation of the guanine crystal plates in water.

Appeal Point

Remote control of free micromirros in liquid can be obtained in this study.

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