estimation method of blood viscosity, monitaring apparatus for continuous measuring of blood viscosity

keywords_en.jpgblood viscosity, extracoporeal ciculation, blood dailysis 

division_en.jpg Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter Department of Molecular Biotechnology

position_en.jpgAssociate Professor

Co-researcher : Shinji Ninomiya (Hiroshima Kokusai University), Asako Tokumine (Kinki University), Tatsuya Kurosaki (Hiroshima University)



non invasive measuring of blood viscisity if feasible during extracorporeal circulation for cardiac surgery.

Research Summary

Pressure at both inlet and outlet of artificial lung, hematocrit and blood temperature can realize the estimation of blood viscisity of circulation blood during extracorporeal circulation.


This non-invasive monitaring apparatus can measure blood viscosity continuously and prevent thrombosis of artificial lung and circuit.

For Application

Every company who deals with artificial lung for open heart surgery had better to introduce this thecnique and measure the blood viscosity during extracorporeal circulation.

Competitive Advances

No competition to this monitaring method


Tokugan 2009-194848