Development and practical application of ultra high-speed/megapixel vision system

NameIshii Idaku
Keyword1 000 fps Megapixel High-speed real-time vision Non-contact sensing High-speed pattern recognition

Research Summary

Conventional types of vision cannot achieve high speed video signal beyond 30 fps (frames/second). On the other hand, we developed a high-speed vision system in which higher surface imagery of the megapixel level and higher speed of the 1,000 fps level, by introducing intelligent pixel selection function which selectively process necessary image information only. With our system, we aim to innovate technologies in versatile fields covering FA inspection, which faces speed limitations with conventional vision, multimedia, robot control, noncontact sensing of physical quantity, including displacement and vibrations, and pattern recognition.

Appeal Point

High surface imagery of the megapixel level and high speed of the 1,000 fps level

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