Construction of the Tongue Pressure and the Lips Pressure Counting System Using a Super-thin Pressure Sensor, and its Clinical Application

Research Summary

The aims of this study was to establish the simple
measurement method which used the pressure sensor
and to construct the index which faces dietary education
by building the database of the tongue and lip pressure in
an individuality neutral occlusion.

Lip and tongue pressure play an important role in the field
of masticatory function. These days, the necessity of
preventing aspiration pneumonitis by changing a meal
form understanding the lips and tongue pressure which
decreased in connection with advanced age is also
preached. Thus, the necessity of evaluating the pressure
of a tongue or lips and the degree of strain objective not
from subjective and qualitative evaluation but from a
scientific position is searched widely, The database
construction of the lips pressure and tongue pressure and
establishment of the simple measurement method are
considered to be applicable not only to a dentistry clinical
but to various fields.

Appeal Point

By the conventional measuring method, in the balloon of a tongue pressure probe, although a patient carries out
upbringing measurement to a palate wrinkles wall with the maximum tongue pressure, operation is complicated and a
patient’s action is not stabilized. Moreover, measurement of lips pressure required for predation and an eating cannot
be performed. The tongue and lips pressure measurement at rest and ingestion and swallowing are attained without
barring natural operation by using the system of this research.

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