Development and evaluation of production/inventory management system based on distributed autonomous control

 Dohi Tadashi 

Research Summary

To realize integrated operations of a large-scale plant, it is effective to introduce the distributed autonomous control to the production/inventory management system. In doing this, it is essential to model probabilistic behaviors in each independent part and module assembling process in detail and give analytic model representation for realizing integrated operations based on the distributed autonomous control. The present study is to quantify the reliability of production machines and the quality of products, derive optimum operations (production speed control, inventory control) in the respective assembling processes, and then develop technologies for systemization to realize overall control over failure-resistant functions and distributed control functions. Through such processes, it is possible to design processes to produce many quality products including electronic parts, and execute plant control in sequential and adaptive manners by using computers.

Appeal Point

Being different from simple simulation models, our technologies have a major advantage wherein model parameters are assumed from time to time from observation data and distributed autonomous control of the overall system can be executed in adaptive ways.

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