A Versatile Modification of Physical Properties of Organic Materials by Introduction of Oxaalkyl Chains

 Fukuhara Kouichi 

Research Summary

As many kinds of organic materials have alkyl chains in the molecules, substitution and/or introduction of oxaalkyl chains in the organic molecules will add new feature to the materials. Accumulation of basic experimental data is needed because this method is based on a new intermolecular interaction theory. Systematic studies are now in progress in order to elucidate the physical properties of various functional materials.

The intrinsic conformational form of the alkyl chain is a planar structure with an all-trans conformation, while that of the oxaalkyl chain is a bent structure. We have studied the molecular structures of a number of oxaalkyl compounds and identified two distinctive molecular forms in the solid state: one with an ordinary bent structure and the other with a peculiar planar structure. We have found that a self assembled planar oxaalkyl compound, which has the similar structure of alkyl compounds, shows unique physical properties such as very low melting point and crystallization inhibition.

An application example for plasticizers is shown. Grass transition temperature (Tg) of the plasticizer modified by our method (subsutitution of the oxaalkyl chain to alkyl chain) is lower than that of the plasticizer modified by the conventional method (branching of alkyl chain). Valuable experimental results have also been obtained for other materials, such as surfactants and polymers.

Appeal Point

Promising new features are: (1) applicable to many organic materials (high versatility); (2) based on a new intermolecular interaction theory (possibility of development of new organic materials); (3) unnecessity of any special ingredients or synthetic methods (low-cost and low-risk); (4) simple molecular structure (easy molecular design); (5)concomitance to conventional method (high compatibility to other methods), etc.


Japanese Patent Unexamined Publication No. 2008-031149

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