Development of welding/bonding design support system by utilizing information technology

 Hamada Kunihiro 

Research Summary

Welding/bonding technologies are important elemental technologies that constitute the base of assembling and processing of versatile products, and for designing and production of competitive products, it is necessary to give sufficient examinations on bonding positions and bonding method of products. In recent years, however, a shortage of welding/bonding technicians in number is becoming typical, and it is strongly demanded to support their sophisticated judgment by means of information technologies. Our laboratory develops the integrated joint design support system, which enables comprehensive flow management of decision-making processes covering decisions of division position of products to decisions on detailed information concerning welding. With the system, multiple design ideas on welding/bonding areas are proposed through collaboration between users and the support system, and the best idea is chosen out of the design ideas according to evaluation items, such as strength, welding time, workability, cost and other factors specified by the user. At present, we are examining applications to actual models and we are ready to provide joint studies and technical guidance with associated enterprises.

Appeal Point

1. Formulation of implicit knowledge and system registry
2. Generation and evaluation of versatile design ideas obtained through collaboration of designers and the system
3. Statement of design process information and reuse

Design/production activities for welded structural objects

We are ready to participate in joint studies and offer contracted studies with enterprises and other organizations interested in the above-stated fields.


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