Research on the Elucidation of the Mechanism of Phenomenon of Cell Regeneration From Cell Contents and its Application

KeywordGreen alga Cell regeneration Artificial hybrid cell Membrane fusing agent Gene transfer method

Research Summary

Many marine organisms living in the specific environment of sea show distinctive biological phenomena or have distinctive metabolic systems and metabolites that are not found in land-dwelling organisms. Because of their distinctiveness, marine living resources are expected to be used in some new fields.
In some green algae, for example, it is known that new cells are naturally regenerated from cell contents such as chloroplasts leaking from damaged cells into seawater and that those new cells grow to mature algae. The distinctive biological phenomenon is believed to be a wound healing phenomenon of the green algae and also a survival strategy for immortality. In our laboratory, we are interested in the molecular mechanism of the phenomenon of cell regeneration from cell contents. We have successfully identified compounds that play a key role in the phenomenon and are now working to completely elucidate the molecular mechanisms.

Appeal Point

The cell regeneration system may be used to construct various artificial hybrid plant cells for production of useful resources and develop new membrane fusing agents and gene transfer methods.

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