Research and Development of the Rapid Deployment Bridge mobile bridge® for Disaster Restoration

 Ario Ichiro 

Research Summary

It is to advance component engineering of a “mobile bridge” based on a new structure concept as infrastructure to be used in a disaster. Research and development are under way of the movable temporary bridge “mobile bridge” which can be constructed and deployed quickly as one of the urgent measures to reduce “isolation of a village” in repeated disasters. It is a necessary restoration system which puts priority on short construction time for a country affected by natural disasters.

Natural disasters occur frequently in Japan and abroad,
and we often experience earthquakes, tsunami, and heavy rain
(typhoon). To protect human lives, technical development of a
new disaster prevention restoration system is indispensable.
The basic technology of quick construction of a bridge has
not been developed yet.

The whole of the bridge can be folded up compactly and moved by air, marine, and land transportation. It can be applied flexibly even in the constrained area, under restricted construction conditions, such as mountain slope, with limited temporary assembly sites to secure. A trial production is in progress in a collaborative research project with several companies.

Appeal Point

It is the first form as a structure of bridges, and it is a logical and innovative structure. Can be offered for use upon deployment with short construction time.


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