High-speed online scheduling technique for a medium-scale on-demand bus system

 Fujita Satoshi 

Research Summary

Regarding public transportation systems in under-populated regions, various reviews are underway now, including those by the government. Among these, taxi sharing (on-demand bus system) has attracted the attention of many local governments as an alternative to a regular transportation service such as a bus. However, most existing taxi sharing systems assign only one or two taxis to relatively low demand and methods to efficiently assign a few dozen taxis to taxi sharing have not been developed.
Our laboratory addresses this issue under the aforementioned theme, through which we expect that transport services that meet the demand of users at a low cost and without increasing the burden on drivers can be realized.

Appeal Point

Through this research, we have already developed basic algorithms such as receiving requests for taxi sharing from mobile phones, which can be put into practical use in the near future.

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