Evaluation and analysis methods of operating characteristics in man-machine system

NameTsuji Toshio
KeywordMan-machinesystem Biologicalmotioncharacteristic Biologicaljoint torque characteristic Maneuverability

Research Summary

For study and development of human-operated machine systems including automobiles, it is important their operability (user friendliness) should sufficiently be considered in addition to their functions and design. For this purpose, it is necessary to clarify movement characteristics of persons who operate the machine systems and establish assessment means that consider such characteristics.
So far, our laboratory examined finger-movement tracking in man-machine systems and prepared basic data concerning human movement control characteristics that change according to mechanical characteristics. On the other hand, we clarified torque characteristics of the joints of the four limbs, and we established means for analyzing and assessing human ability for force maneuverability based on results obtained through experiments.

Appeal Point

By applying these assessment technologies based on ergonomics, studies and development of human-friendly machine products can be expected.

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