Creation of high thermal resistant organic silicon polymers

 Ohshita Joji 

Research Summary

Polymers with silicon-silicon connections in main chain have different properties from conventional silicone polymer (Dimethylpolysiloxane) or carbon polymer. Our laboratory has mainly investigated and created σ-π-conjugated polymers with good properties of organic silicone polymers repeating silicon-silicon connections and π-electron system units. High thermal resistant organic silicon polymers are one of the examples. Thermal bridged type polymers of sililanephenylane series, replacing the ethynylphenyl base on the silicon, for example, with a temperature of more than 500℃ is reached at a weight reduction of 5% in the air. While it is soluble in an organic solvent, before the bridging condition, easy processing of the coating creates expectations in many fields of application.

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