Technology for the Measurement, Processing, and Analysis of Electromyographic Signals and Its Application

 Tsuji Toshio 

Research Summary

Electromyographic signals are electrical signals resulting from muscle contraction and change according to the person’s motor intention, such as the intensity of force and flexibility of the motion. Electromyographic signals may be used to develop novel products, as well as to evaluate and analyze the usability of products. Effective use of electromyographic signals requires sophisticated expertise and know-how for the operation. In our laboratory, we have established a range of technologies to use electromyographic signals, such as the measurement, signal processing, and pattern discrimination of electromyographic signals, and integrated these technologies to develop a new electromyographic signal-controlled prosthetic hand tailored to each operator, electromyographic signal-controlled mouse for personal computers, and electromyographic signal-controlled eating assist robot. Other applications may include biological remote systems that allow manipulation as intended without body motion that meet specific needs.

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