Wearable flexible bending deformation sensor

NameShintaku Eiji
KeywordDeformation measurement Curvature variation measurement Piezoelectric polymer Movement Swimming

Research Summary

Bending deformation sensor and deformation measuring device for detecting curvature variation of object surface deformation are developed with piezoelectric material.

Appeal Point

This sensor is the film type and easily detects bending deformation of flexible objects under the status of eliminating axial strain component.

Detection and measurement of bending deformation of parts in machines and structures and airplane wings, deformation of films like sails on sailing boats and tents, movement and deformation conditions of joints during bending and stretching actions, deformation of limbs cross section form with shrinkage of muscle, human body movement and deformation, and deformation of cushions contacted with a human body.

Joint research and contracted research are available withinterested companies for the application and realization of this study.

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